Bedworth Town Centre was redesigned in the 1970’s. It is now a traffic-free zone, with a mix of national chain stores such as Boots, Thornton’s, Peacocks and Costa Coffee, and independent retail, hair and beauty and commercial businesses together with a large Tesco and Aldi store.

Bedworth has a permanent covered market trading Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday selling clothes, books, fish equipment, antiques and collectables and fruit and veg.   

Originally a small market town with Saxon origins, Bedworth developed into an industrial town in the 18th and 19th centuries, due largely to coal mining and the overspill of ribbon weaving and textile industries from nearby Coventry. The opening of the Coventry Canal in 1769 and later, the railway in 1850 enhanced the town’s growth. Bedworth was for many years primarily a coal mining town, but the last colliery was closed in 1994. In the middle of the 19th century, the large number of public houses, and thirsty miners lead to the town being called ‘Black Bedworth’.

Due to its good transport links, and proximity to major cities such as Coventry, Birmingham and Leicester, Bedworth is now growing rapidly as a dormitory town.

The most notable buildings in Bedworth are the Nicholas Chamberlaine Almshouses on All Saints’ Square in the town centre, which are built in Tudor style and date from 1840, having been funded by a legacy from the local benefactor Nicholas Chamberlaine (1632–1715) through his will.

The main venue in Bedworth is the Bedworth Civic Hall which plays host to a diverse range of activities including concerts by international artistes and orchestras. The world famous tenor Pavarotti actual sang at the Hall when recording an album with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

The Civic Hall is a multi-purpose entertainment centre providing facilities for a wide range of activities. It boasts a Gallery, Meeting Rooms, Bistro, Coffee Bar and a Small Hall in addition to its multi-purpose 763 seat hall.

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